Oil Pulling Blend

Oil pulling is the technique of swishing oil in your mouth, which has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. The technique uses natural substances to clean and detoxify teeth and gums.

Oil pulling has the added effect of whitening teeth naturally and evidence even shows that it is beneficial in improving gums and removing harmful bacteria. The premise behind the therapy is that oil attracts various pathogens in the mouth which are then suspended within the liquid and then spit out. The oil also seeps into hard to reach pockets below the gum line where damaging bacteria tend to thrive. Not only does oil pulling boost oral, cognitive and cardiovascular health, but it also heals a host of other conditions.

Organic Sesame oil(has calcium to help strengthen the teeth), Organic Sunflower Oil (for its anti-inflammatory properties), Organic Turmeric (anti-inflammatory properties and helps whiten the teeth), Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oil (gum health) and Peppermint Essential Oil (for a fresh taste and to help ignite the Agni).

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Shakti Blend

This luxurious Shakti Blend is a great choice for abhyanga. In Ayurveda, the practice of abhyanga or daily massage is part of your 'dinacharya' (daily practice).  The essential oils in this blend are good for energizing your body, stimulating a sluggish lymphatic system and help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  The base oils of sunflower and almond oil absorb nicely into your skin without leaving an oily residue and are suitable for all 'doshas' or body types.  Start your day with abhyanga massage using this Shakti Blend massage oil and you will feel the energizing benefits throughout the day.

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Vajikarana Blend

In Ayurveda, vajikarana translates to aphrodisiac or sexual rejuvenation. This blend of essential oils are sensual, relaxing and will put you in the mood to be rejuvenated. To use: enjoy by massaging over your entire body and your lovers.

Certified organic ingredients: almond (prunus dulcis) oil, sunflower (helianthus annuus) oil*, essential oils of lavender (lavandula augustifolia)*, orange (citrus sinensis)*, night blooming jasmine (jasminum officinale v:sambac)* and neroli (citrus aurantium)*.

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Tula Balancing Blend Spray

Tula Balancing blend is an aromatic spritzer perfect for spraying around your space when you need a change of scene; Ylang Ylang is a great oil for mood enhancement and upliftment, while Vetiver has wonderful grounding properties. This blend is also useful for cleansing your space, the Tulsi plant and essential oil is known for air purification. Lastly, we have Palo Santo Essential oil which brings in a ceremonial aspect and will put you in touch with your spiritual side.

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